D4 Business Advisory practice serves individuals with closely held businesses whose ownership interest is held via trust and/or in combination with direct ownership.  We coordinate and implement services that allow a family to retain, grow, and transition wealth.  We collaborate with other wealth management professions and advisors: Tax Advisors, Financial Advisors, Estate Planning Attorneys, Estate Administration Attorneys, Family Law Attorneys, Business Entity attorneys, asset managers, consultants to allow family enterprises to thrive while accomplishing individual cash flow desires, family, and individual wealth goals.

 Services Offered:
●      Asset Valuation Coordination and confirmation of discounts with counsel  
●      Transition Planning for business owners and closely held business
●      Governing Document on going management
●      Establish Family Governance and On-Going Governance Compliance
●      Divorce Wealth Transition and Prenuptial Agreement Coordination
●      Tax Compliance Management
●      Establish business structures for new ventures in collaboration with council and tax advisor
●      Plan, Coordinate and Run Family Meetings
●      Specialty asset management coordination: real estate, aircraft, other specialty assets
●      Shareholder Representation            
●      Vote Proxies and Corporate Actions
●      Develop Liquidity Solutions (Facilitate the sale of ownership interest) 
●      Evaluate Tender Offers and Redemption Transactions
●      Review and Analyze Annual Financial Statements to support family business goals
●      Ensure trust receives the appropriate Distributions and other Economic Benefit
●      Capacity to Serve as Managing Member, Director, or Corporate Officer
●      Attend Shareholder Meetings, Visit Business and Communicate with Business Management
●      Bill Pay Relationship Establishment
●      A la carte services

D4 Family Office Services is focused on personal attention to family dynamics, tax efficiencies in estate and trust administration, and wealth growth.  Most importantly we provide a sense of peace and calm to the family during all engagements.