With over twenty years of industry experience as a CPA, Private Bank/Wealth Management Services, Finance and CFO for private equity our founder specializes in supporting U.S. enterprising families living domestically or internationally during death, divorce, disagreement and departure events.

We provide the following unique Specialize Fiduciary Services:

  • Special Trustee for Closely Held Companies -Entrusting D4 Fiduciary with exclusive trust powers over closely held companies allows an experienced professional to handle the complex governance, compliance and tax matters associated with settling and administering an estate that owns a closely held business.

  • Trust Protector - Adds oversight to the trustee during estate or trust administration. Trust protectors can support dispositive provisions and support oversight for closely held enterprises.

  • Special Trustee for International Clients - International clients that have assets in the US may require a US sitused Trustee to preserve estate tax planning.

  • Special Trustee for Unique Assets: We serve clients as trustee for trusts owning crypto currency, virtual wallets, art collections, airplane collections, watch collections, etc.