We are here to serve as an independent executor for your loved one’s estate.  We transition assets that remained titled under their name to decedents, heirs and/or creditors whether by passing by contract and/or by law.

Probate administration requires a named Executor locate the original Will, inventory assets, Marshall assets, secure and value assets, pay creditors, file tax returns, raise funds as liquidity is needed, pay bequest, distribute out personal property and provide regular updates to beneficiaries. 

As fiduciary we serve as executor or agent for executer to execute on the following duties (not exhaustive list of duties and services):

  • Timely collection, control and safekeeping of trust and estate assets
  • Secure trust and estate assets (such as the decedent’s personal residence, automobile,  jewelry, art, and collectibles) and confirm appropriate insurance coverage in in place
  • Coordinate valuation services for trust and estate assets, such as marketable securities,  alternative investments, and specialty assets including tangible personal property, real  estate, closely held business, mineral interest, etc.
  • Provide asset administration of financial and non-financial assets  
  • Maintain detailed records of all receipts and disbursements and provide periodic statements  to beneficiaries
  • Estimate, raise and hold cash pending payment of administrative expenses, debts of the  decedent, taxes, and bequest
  • Facilitate the distribution or sale of real estate or tangible property where appropriate
  • Determine the legitimacy of creditors’ claims against the trust or estate and the priority of  payment and source of funds for the payment of such claims
  • Collaborate with estate and/or trust attorney to timely file all required court documents for  the trust and estate assets
  • Determine timing of distributions, prepare distributions schedules allocating assets to  beneficiaries in accordance with the provisions of the will/or trust and obtain receipts